Please see information for 2019 edition of the festival, for 2020 to be updated soon

We sort waste - paper, plastics, glass and cans. Please use the special colour-coded bins. Although the festival grounds will be cleaned regularly we would like to ask you to keep everything as clean and tidy as possible. 


How to sort waste for a reward?

You can sort waste at Colours of Ostrava and get a reward at the Čistý Festival [Clean Festival] stand. Just bring ten or twenty pieces of plastic or paper to the Čistý Festival stand and swap them for a scratch card. You can win up to nine recycled rewards in total. This year again, there is a special reward for thirsty fans. Twenty sorted pieces of plastic such as cups will be rewarded with a special token for one free beer!

How to sort waste in colour-coded bins?

Waste can also be sorted into special colour-coded bins distributed throughout the festival grounds. Yellow bins are for plastics, blue for paper and grey for cans. You can also separate and bin biodegradable dishes. Our cleaning squad collects all waste from these colour-coded bins into large containers in which they are transported for further processing – recycling. If you are lucky and you are met by the Čistý Festival promotion team while sorting your waste into the colour-coded bins, you will receive a recycled reusable limited edition cup.

Colours of Ostrava is a CLEAN FESTIVAL

By sorting your waste, you will help us to get the Clean Festival certificate for the tenth time this year. This certificate is awarded by the EKO-KOM company to responsible festivals for providing facilities for waste sorting and endeavouring to keep their grounds clean.

CLEAN FESTIVAL presents the REC.stage

Everyone who sorts waste deserves more fun. That is why the Clean Festival supported by presents the busking REC.busking stage. If you have a band and want to present a show, you can use the busking time. Ideally you should sign up online in advance. The acoustic busking stage in New York Street style includes the sound equipment for instruments. The REC.busking stage has one more specialty! Everyone who wants to perform on it must use a recycled musical instrument made in the REC.workshop next to the stage. Show off and share your own concert experiences with friends at Colours of Ostrava.

Busking Before the Main Gate

Even before the main entrance to the grounds you to the festival mood will be tuned by the Sigma Guitars busking stage in collaboration with Hudební svět, from Wednesday to Friday. Stop by and play to have a pleasant day together with friends and other visitors.




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