Information for Colours of Ostrava 2018 (for 2019 to be updated):​


Traditionally, both children and parents can enjoy a rich programme within the ČEZ Family Park.

The new circus big top will host Tales of Pišliks – read by Ivan Trojan and musically accompanied by Beata Hlavneková, Milan Cais, Petr Ostrouchov, Lenka Dusilová and many others, for example. There will also be performances by the popular Čiperkové [Spoffish] ensemble and their friend Lumpína [Prankie]. Every day you can enjoy theatrical workshops and performances by the Ententýky theatre or Frelance Clowns. The Nešišlej [Do Not Lisp] Band and the popular Štístko and Poupěnka Duo will play for listening and dancing.

You can actively participate in dance and sports workshops at the ČEZ Family Park outdoor stage. The choice includes a Dance workshop with Vláďa, hooping, capoeira and workshops in jumping boots. The spirited Italian La Sbrindola Duo will perform their street show and Circo Frico international duo will present their paired acrobatics, acroyoga, juggling and others...

Even this year, balloon fairies from Jinálkov are looking forward to meeting you as well as face painters and Firemky s.r.o. with their game zone. You can have fun in the MINDOK booth, where you can try and buy a lot of board games for both small and adult players.

Traditionally, the ČEZ Family Park includes climbers and this year again the children themselves can complete one of them to their taste – the new big pirate ship. ČEZ Family Park visitors will be able to go wild while spraying on a large canvas, or they can take part in the We Are All Artists project within which they can co-create paintings to support children's oncology.

In creative workshops, children can create mandala buttons, mini dream traps, try painting with new techniques, engraving with small chisels, painting on the water surface and more.

The competition tour will take the children through the whole grounds, each of the three stops will present a small task associated with 'upcycling': together we will create something new and useful from 'waste' material. The ceremonial draw from all completed competition cards will take place at the ČEZ Family Park on Saturday, July 21 at 7 pm.

Children's Stage with Babysitting
The ČEZ Family Park traditionally features a guarded Children's Stage where experienced promoters are dedicated to children. Children's entertainment is provided by Jinálek and Ája as well as Freelance Clowns. Children can enjoy plenty of games, toys, water games, balloon ponds and handicraft workshops. Babysitting is charged at CZK 50 per hour. 
Nursing Tent 
We also remember the comfort of mothers and babies. The tent is equipped with nappy-changing tables, comfortable armchairs, a microwave oven, a kettle, a refrigerator and all the hygienic necessities for the smallest.

Opening hours of the ČEZ Family Park, Children's Stage and Nursing Tent: 
Wednesday 18/7: 
Thursday 19/7: 11:00–20:00 
Friday 20/7: 11:00–20:00 
Saturday 21/7: 11:00–20:00 

Wednesday 18/7 
ČEZ Family Park 

13.30–15:00 Fairytale workshop by Petr Pěnkava 
15:00–16:00 Freelance Clowns 
16:00–17:00 Little Red Riding Hood by Vladimíra Krakovková
18:00–19:00 Nešišlej Band 
ČEZ Family Park – workshops 
14:00–14.45 Jumping – Dance workshop 
15:00–16:00 Hooping 
16.15–17:00 Ballet – Dance workshop 
17.15–17.45 Dance workshop with Vláďa 
18:00–18.45 Capoeira  
19:00–20:00 Workshop in jumping boots  
Thursday 19/7 
ČEZ Family Park 
13.30–15:00 Fairytale workshop by Petr Pěnkava
15:00–16:00 Tale of a Doggie by Vladimíra Krakovková 
16.30–17.30 Lumpína [Prankie]
18:00–19:00 Čiperkové [Spoffish]
ČEZ Family Park – workshops 
14:00–15:00 Capoeira 
15:00–15.30 Dance workshop with Vláďa
15.45–16.45 Hooping 
17:00–17.45 Ballet – Dance workshop 
18:00–19:00 Workshop in jumping boots  
19.15–20:00 Hip hop – Dance workshop 
Friday 20/7 
ČEZ Family Park 
13.30–15:00 Fairytale workshop by Petr Pěnkava
16:00–17:00 Tales of Pišliks 
17.45–18.45 At the Swimming Pool with Clara the Mouse and Theresa the Squirrel
19:00–19.45 Freelance Clowns  
ČEZ Family Park – workshops
14:00–14.45 Jumping – Dance workshop 
15:00–16:00 Workshop in jumping boots  
16:00–16.45 Hooping 
17:00–17.30 Dance workshop with Vláďa
18:00–19:00 Capoeira 
19:00–20:00 La Sbrindola  
Saturday 21/7 
ČEZ Family Park 
13.30–15:00 Fairytale workshop by Petr Pěnkava
15.15–16:00 Clara the Mouse, Theresa the Squirrel and Tonnie the Zebra 
16:00–17:00 Ája and Pája 
18:00–19:00 Štístko and Poupěnka 
ČEZ Family Park – workshops
14:00–15:00 Capoeira 
15:00–16:00 Hooping 
16:15–17:00 Circo Frico 
17:00–18:00 Workshop in jumping boots  
18:00–18:45 Afro Zumba – Dance workshop 
19:00 – Ceremonial draw of the competition tour cards and closing of ČEZ Family Park







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