Charging stations

Does your mobile phone or your electronic cigarette run out of power after a whole day at Colours Of Ostrava? Never mind, just rent a Brick power bank, which has all the necessary cables with USB-C, micro-USB and Lightning connectors for Apple integrated in it and enjoy the festival without any worries.


How do I go about renting a Brick power bank?

  • Download the Brick - Powerbank sharing app (available in the Apple Store or on Google Play)
  • Sign up and add your credit card.
  • If you don't want to download the app, simply scan the QR code on the station and add the payment card via the web interface and then the powerbank will be released from the Brick charging station.
  • Without the payment method added, the powerbank will not be released from the station.
  • Once you scan the QR code on the station and authorize the temporary payment, a fully charged powerbank with integrated cables will be released and you will start to be charged for the rented time.
  • Once your device is charged, you can return the power bank to any Brick charging station.
  • In the Brick app you can see all the locations of the stations outside the Colours Of Ostrava area.


How much will I pay for renting a Brick power bank?

  • The rental is charged per rented time and for every 30 minutes. The first 3 minutes are free so you can test if everything is in order and functional.

  • The price for 30 minutes is set at 25,- CZK, an hour of rental costs 50 CZK, the maximum daily rental is 250,- CZK. 

  • If the power bank is not returned within 5 days of the loan, 1200,- will be paid, which will buy the power bank and you will be left with a fully functional device, which you can then recharge at home using USB.

  • In the Brick app you can see the currently rented powerbank in the top right corner, where you can see the length of the rental and how much time is left until the 5 day return period.

  • In the app, you can see your rental history where there is a 3 line symbol in the top left where you can see your account details as well as your entire history.


What to do if the powerbank doesn't work or the station doesn't issue a powerbank after scanning the QR code?

  • If the station is fine and functional, the white LEDs on each powerbank at the station should be lit without blinking. If the station is blinking or no white LEDs are lit, there is a problem and please contact the operator who will restart the station and get it working again. In the meantime, you may use another station located on the festival grounds.

  • If the power bank you have borrowed is not working, please check that it is switched on in the first place, the small black button to switch it back on is on the right hand side. You should then see 3 LEDs light up blue to indicate how much the powerbank is charged. The power bank is only released from the station if it is charged to 100%. Also pay attention to whether the charging cable is correctly inserted in your device. 

  • So please check within the first 3 minutes that everything is in order and fully functional and if you have any problem, simply return the power bank to the charging station and you will not be charged. 

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