Alexia Chellun

Cyprus, Greece, Mauritius, United Kingdom

Music as a synonym for compassion, human warmth and understanding? This is the key to life that Alexia Chellun, a British singer-songwriter with Cypriot-Mauritian roots, unlocks in her songs. She has a hit single The Power Is Here Now with over 20 million streams, seven albums and concerts around the world. Her voice caresses like the sun's rays at dusk on a calm endless sea.

Even as a little girl, she enjoyed making up songs with just her guitar by the fire. Her soothing voice levitates across different genres that have one thing in common: they can touch people's hearts and leave a deep mark on them. In her accessible and straightforward message, Alexia sings about themes of self-healing, belonging, relaxation and therapy. Her songs resonate with the depth of human suffering and offer a stopping point and a comforting refuge. While keeping her feet on the ground, Chellun is also interested in a practical approach to life. Her music is open-minded and her lyrics sound like positive mantras that take the form of simple slogans: "The power of love is here, the power of the present moment is here, the power of you and me is here right now." Alexia Chellun can deliver her message alone without the crutches of a big band, as evidenced by her recent European tour.

Her latest album, titled I'm Ready, reflects her playful and open nature, which is as receptive to her deepest philosophies as it is to her latest sporting achievements.

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