Even out of a difficult existential crisis, involving grief over the death of a father, anxiety and questions about what the real path is and why we still live on Earth, can come emotional and compelling indie-electro-pop music celebrating life, relationship with nature and ancestors. "To anyone who listens to it, I light sage and send love and healing energy," says young singer Danyka Sioui of the Huron-Wendat First Nation of Quebec, Canada, performing under the name Anyma.

 "It means several things. Breath or the belief that everything has a soul. But also a person believing that all plants, animals, rocks and thunder have spirit and can influence human events."  

Instead of the Wandot language, whose speakers have died out and are hardly coming back into circulation, making it unfamiliar, Danyka sings in English. But the spirituality, wisdom and echoes of her nation's pow wow are not overheard on Humans, her excellent debut EP recorded in collaboration with producer and musician Pierre-Olivieren Couturieren. Although she takes a lot of inspiration from Hans Zimmer, John Williamsen, Pink Floyd or Billie Eilish.

"I believe that we all have the strength within us not to give up on life and the ability to follow our dreams no matter what," Danyka explained the content of her personal lyrics.

At a young age, she performed in Ozalik, a multimedia performance created by her parents, prominent artistic leaders in the Quebec community. It incorporated music, dance, mythology and culture from many First Nations and members of the famous Cirque du Soleil. "A lot of the values I learned have to do with knowing that we are all part of one thing," said Danyka, who considers music a means of unification, an important medicine and a message to young audiences: You are warriors and you have special abilities. And if you believe it and know you can do it, you can become anything you want to become.

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