Alex Serra


Alex Serra is a musician and traveller from the Mediterranean city of Barcelona. His debut album "In the Real World" (2019) is the result of a four-year journey of inspirational self-discovery that began in 2012 and took him across Latin America and South Africa, where he connected with musicians with diverse musical roots who imbue his music with a unique and regenerative energy.

In 2014 Alex lands in Cape Town (South Africa) and meets musician Yannick Meyer, with whom he forms a heartfelt brotherhood. Together, they form an "African psychedelic pop" project called Native Young, in which they team up with a marimba-playing band from the townships of Gugulethu, Kayelitsha and Philippi. This cultural and musical human exploration would change his life and inspire him to explore his own musical universe upon returning home in 2016. 

Upon his return to Barcelona, Alex connects with Totidub (Toti Arimany), an amazing dub producer who becomes a key element in designing the soundscape of this album. Together they create a collection of tracks that touch on different genres - downtempo, soul, reggae, dub - and put the listener in a state of inner listening. The lyrics point to the "real world", a place beyond our limited senses, where space and time cease to exist as we believe them to be.

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