Israel 16.7.2022 / 23:15 - 00:15
Drive stage

MALOX are Eyal Talmudi, Roy Chen and Assaf Talmudi, a crazy energetic Avantgarde trio, based in Israel. Malox was formed in 2008 as a duo, became a trio in 2016 and have already performed at festivals and clubs all over the world.

Now - Their 4th album titled “Shit to Gold” is awaiting it’s release in March 2020. Relentless in nature and versatile in form, MALOX are a virtuoso musical force to be reckoned with. Featuring Eyal Talmudi on saxophone, clarinet and bagpipes, Roy Chen on drums and Assaf Talmudi on keys, the Israeli trio delivers a high energy, free form, one two punch. Their music is raw and left field yet equally catchy and undeniably danceable. Drawing from diverse genres such as jazz, polka, klezmer, punk or alternative rock their playfully complex compositions are a real trip.

MALOX will convince even the most conformist listener that all the rest is redundant, and that combination of Saxophone, keys and drums will make your body move like it's never moved before. Following a One day, live improv and recording session at NYC’s Vibromonk studios back in 2008, the two quickly released their debut LP “One Day”, an initial blueprint to their insane potential. They began touring and playing at festivals across the globe, before releasing “Polka For Punks” in 2012. Mixed and recorded by Tamir Muskat (APE Records, Balkan Beat Box) in Tel Aviv, their sophomore album definitely laid the groundwork and further established their unique sound.

Their third album ‘Gaza Trip’ was a trip to a more modern direction, featuring various artists such as Nomok, Yudko the Abstract, Maya Dunietz, Uri Brauner Kinrot (Boom Pam, Ouzo Bazooka) and ECHO, the album took a leap towards a more free willing approach to explore beyond the boundaries of the 2 piece Drum+Sax formation, with some more layered tracks with vocals, guitars, some keyboard overdubs and such. That journey brought forth 3 years of intensive touring around the globe, reaching as far as 4 shows in China (Oct Loft Jazz Fest, Shen Zen) and India (Ziro Festival), and many shows close to home and heart in places like Transilvannia and Eastern Europe.

Throughout these 3 years the band organically became even more tight as musicians and bandmates, accumulating hours on hours on miles and miles of playing in every condition, weather, conscious state and mood, generating new tunes that finally became the fourth album : “Shit to Gold”.

“Shit to Gold” was recorded in 3 days, Live at the Alchemia Club in Krakow. A place where many inspiring nights that have shaped what Malox is nowadays occurred.

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