France 16.7.2022 / 01:00 - 02:00
glo™ stage

A spearhead figure in a new generation of techno producers in France, Théo Rocca, aka Darzack, has previously released music on Take Hit Records, VOLPHONIE, and his Maison Beryl imprint. Making appearances at festivals Panoramas and Les Transmusicales and holding a residency at Rex Club in Paris, the young artist’s first full-length record sees the DJ/producer cement his musical vision across a double LP.

Across ‘Rhizom’, Darzack delivers ten tracks, each created with a different collaborator, with Electric Rescue, 14Anger, ZPKF, Öspiel, Mmork and more contributing to the release. With all tracks displaying rhythmically irresistible grooves and intricate, detailed textures underpinned by firm industrial atmospherics, the album is a precise and direct vision of hard-hitting techno from one of the genre's finest upstarts.

Positioning himself on the darkest side of techno without making the slightest concession, Darzack’s thrilling
musical identity is as rebellious as it is meticulous.

“People on the techno circuit are often a bit too insular during the creative process, which is one aspect that I don’t much enjoy... That’s why I wanted to invite other artists I really like to contribute to my album. Some of them I’ve been dancing to since I was a teenager, like Electric Rescue; while others, who are younger, I want to support.” - Darzack

Darzack ‘Rhizom’ drops on 17th June 2022, following singles Inflorescence on 15th April and Fractal on 27th May.