United Kingdom 14.7.2022 / 20:15 - 21:15
glo™ stage

Since their early releases on Hyperdub Darkstar have been perpetually reinventing their sound to encompass not only music for the dance floor but also albums that navigate synth pop (North 2010, Hyperdub), blissed out analogue folk (News From Nowhere 2013, Warp) to robust political collages (Foam Island 2015, Warp). Darkstar have constantly continued to look for things that inspire and intrigue them to record, often overhauling their sound from project to project in a constant quest to explore and progress their output. 

As well as their music for Warp Records Darkstar have also composed and produced bespoke commissions including the PRS New Music Biennial (Dance Unity), Pop Kultur and the Tate (SAFE), Metal Culture and Boiler Room (Trackbed), 'Union' with the London Contemporary Orchestra and 'Unclassified' with Andre De Ridder and The Southbank Sinfonia.  

Darkstar are now ready to release their fourth album with Warp Records and will use 2020 to present 'Civic Jams'. This album is their most focused to date in which they encompass 2-step garage, vocal lead house and articulate chamber pop to create a collection of songs they've been sculpting for the last two years. 

With a stripped back sonic approach Civic Jams harks back to Darkstar making music for clubs yet not losing the dynamic qualities of their previous work. It feels like an album but has highlights that have been built for live performance in mind. 

Civic Jams is a collection of music that envelopes all their influences often merging to point in which the album uses vocal harmonies, minor chords and pitched electronics to forge a very unique sound.