Jacob Banks

Jacob Banks

United Kingdom 19.7.2018 / 19:00 - 20:00
ArcelorMittal stage

Born in Nigeria, Jacob Banks moved to Birmingham in England at the age of 13. Not short of talent, the Brit dabbled in all forms of the creative arts and began singing, playing guitar, and writing songs at the age of 20.

A music lover first and foremost, Banks got his start at open mic nights and quickly garnered a following for his commanding vocal presence and daringly intimate songwriting. His music features richly textured beats, with its 808s and synth play, African inspired grooves and a soulful disposition that culminates in an unstoppable new sound. Known for constructing songs that blur genres, packed with the emotional punch of poignant lyrics and a dynamic, spellbinding vocal delivery, Jacob Banks is cementing himself as one of 2017's most promising break-out acts.

'The Boy Who Cried Freedom', which received wide critical acclaim, includes powerful singles like 'Unholy War,' and smash hit, 'Chainsmoking,' which TIME Magazine listed as one of the best songs of 2017 so far. Nylon Magazine raved that the project "gives equal shine to Banks" voice and songwriting skills, highlighting his mastery of metaphors and imagery akin to that of a verified, contemporary poet."

Billboard Magazine says that "it's five tracks are an arresting aural image of America's muddy ghosts warped through the filters of modern electronics...'The Boy Who Cried Freedom' is plain, old-fashioned, great music. It resonates in your head and your soul."

With both singles released from the EP thus far reaching #1 on Hype Machine's overall chart, Banks has further been spotlighted as one of 2017's brightest newcomers by the likes of The FADER, Complex, TIME Magazine, Paper Magazine, Interview Magazine, High Snobiety, Clash, Teen Vogue, OkayPlayer, i-D and more.

Now, at work on his Interscope Records debut album, Banks hopes to reenergize a genre-blending brand of music for a new generation hoping to be their solace in hard times and a battery pack on a slow Monday morning.