Caroline Carey - Middle Earth Medicine

Caroline Carey - Middle Earth Medicine

United Kingdom 20.7.2018 / 13:45 - 15:15
Europe stage

Caroline Carey (Great Britain)
A teacher of mental development and ecstatic dance, the founder of the Middle Earth Medicine method, a shamanic healer and spiritual guide. Her method works with nine levels of mental work while trying to integrate the soul through personality development, recovery of mental power, creativity and ecstatic dance. "Dance is an unknown that we enter to discover what's inside," she says.

Middle Earth Medicine
More than ever before, there are billions of people yearning to awaken and understand the truth about themselves and the world around them.

The essence of this work is to marry our core wounds with our aspirations to discover our authentic and fully integrated self, thus becoming truly empowered, allowing the soul and the ego to live in harmony.

For this is Soul-Retrieval at its most creative!

If you are interested in reclaiming your full potential as a creative inspiring being, with an integrated life story to share and support others with - then welcome to Middle Earth Medicine, a place to learn about your innate creativity and wisdom. Our model of work is to use the Wheel Of Souls Return. A pathway to explore archetypes and resources, tools and the stages of life. A fascinating and creative way to un-limit yourself and to set in motion the action necessary for your potential growth. Particularly suited to those who are creative, yet sensitive, who struggle to find their voice and be present in our world.