Korea (Republic of) 20.7.2018 / 18:00 - 19:00
Drive stage by MINI

An expression of North Korean folk music into today’s sentiments! A contemporary interpretation of the high spirits of Hwanghae-do(the western provinces of North Korea)!

JGAH composed a program under the project team name AkDanGwangChil as a concert expressing the music of today. In celebration of 70 years of Korea's liberation we aim to express the true meaning of liberation and South Korea's heart of desire to be one. In order to accomplish this, we planned a concert using mainly songs from the northern regions of Korea. While for the past few years JGAH's works have centered around southern music styles including pansori, the works presented in this concert are centered around the western provinces of Korea.

Our purpose in utilizing the music from gut(spirit ritual music) and Minyo(folk song) of the western provinces as the main concert material is for sharing and communicating with the audience the intense energy originating from gut and Minyo. In this concert, we present a staged performance of the energy which comes from the spirit ritual of Hwanghae province, that is, the spirit ritual music of the western provinces, which compared to that of other provinces is relatively un-theatricalized. By doing this we utilize the music principles of the western provinces to create a unique and distinguishable sound.

Rather than simply being classified under the label of North Korean songs, this project seeks to be an artistic reflection on the meaning of liberation and unification through the music of today and the music which we sing here(not in North Korea) in 'Seoul’, emphasizing that which was once a singular culture and music.