The Carny Villains

The Carny Villains

United Kingdom 22.7.2017 / 17:45 - 18:45
ArcelorMittal stage

The Carny Villains are a raucous circus show band from Bristol, U.K. Known for their high energy original stomping swing and ska with balkan-esque folk.

Live they are full sensory theatrical experience. Clowning and antics that keep crowds laughing and dancing until the end where the entire place will be jumping.

Their journey has been quite different from most groups. Beginning life in 2009 as the house band for The Invisible Circus, they went on to compose and perform original live scores for many circus acts and theatrical shows, creating live musical installations under just about any guise you care to think of.

The Carny Villains have become firm favourites and headlined stages at festivals such as Fusion in Germany, Buskers Bern in Switzerland, Glastonbury festival and Boomtown Fair in the U.K.