Glo™ Lounge - a new definition of relaxation

Where to go after a concert? Come and relax in the Glo™ Lounge, enjoy our festival drink and get to know our Glo™ design equipment.

Don't you know what Glo™ is? If you are a nicotine user and are at least 18, make sure to visit our Glo™ show room where we will treat you and introduce our equipment. You can try it there or take advantage of the festival discounted prices and buy it. 

If you like modern technologies as much as we do, visit our timeless photo-gallery, where you get a chance to take a completely unique picture, because ordinary photos are long gone!
And leaving the best to the end! Do you hate jostling with others for the best places at the concerts or squeezing onto public transport on the way to the festival? Come and compete for the opportunity to watch a concert from our private terrace, for the opportunity to use the festival GloTM shuttle and for other great prizes.

Experience #coloursofglo with us!