Dumai Dunai


Do you know what you get when you mix electronics with authentic genetic roots? Dumai Dunai, based in Montreal, Canada, offers one good answer.

This musical squadron was formed only three years ago, but its distinctive cross-cultural intersection will not let you stay away for long. Dumai Dunai's Balkan musical cocktail sometimes sounds like a powder keg, other times it surprises with a darkly translucent tenderness that caresses and seduces at the same time. Inflammatory rhythms, catchy melodies with shades of ethnic regions and a punchy push for emotion suggest that this formation knows exactly what it's doing. 

Formed in 2021, Dumai Dunai's music is a collision of deep grooves fed by dub, reggae and orgiastic Balkan brass. The furious euphoria of shifting rhythms and thrilling transitions ensure that Dumai Dunai make their music for pleasure and sheer joy. Singer Natalia Telentso and trumpeter and vocalist Eli Camilo write lyrics in several languages, including Serbian and French. As one of the band's newest singles, White Lies, suggests, the theme of this band's lyrics is not just casual repartee. The video of the aforementioned song simultaneously shows an uncompromising increase in quality and alienation of all seemingly disparate details. The downtempo and trip-hop atmosphere goes all the way back to Massive Attack for inspiration. The individual members come from Bulgaria, Canada, USA and Ukraine. Apart from their international ethnicity, Dumai Dunai have set one common goal: to make you dance. So far they have been very successful in their mission at Canadian and international festivals. Their Czech premiere may become a sensation. Singer Natalie's searing vocals and "jazzy" trumpet flourishes, as well as inventive rhythms, are likely to be well received. Dumai Dunai is a band made for the most colourful festival in the world!

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