Deva Premal & Miten

Germany, United Kingdom

British-German duo Deva Premal (Jolantha Fries) and Miten (Andy Desmond) - inspired by the sacred traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism - create transcendental music drawing on ancient Eastern mantras and more contemporary practices. Although both bandmates and life partners have a string of successful recordings and projects to their credit (Deva even received a Grammy Award nomination for Best New Age Record), their musical aspirations have never been self-serving. "Deva is the sun in an ashram that's not about having fun, but about connecting with a higher being," says Miten of their mutual creative chemistry, which will fuel the program of Colours of Ostrava 2024 at Gong auditorium.

Their paths first crossed together in 1990 at the Osho International Meditation Centre in India. Miten was formerly a member of the dynamic rock scene of the 1970s and worked with bands such as Fleetwood Mac and Fairport Convention. However, he soon abandoned the self-destructive lifestyle of the commercial music industry and began to devote himself fully to a spiritual path of meditation and the creation of his own music bringing inner peace. Meanwhile, Deva returned to the legacy of her parents (avid followers of Indian spiritual teachings) and began studying Zen concepts and various forms of alternative medicine at Osho's ashram in Pune.

Deva Premal & Miten - now mostly known as popularizers of Tibetan and Sanskrit mantras in mainstream music - captivate their listeners with a combination of Deva's heavenly contralto vocals harmoniously complemented by Miten. Key to their repertoire is the Gayatri mantra in particular, which comes from the Rgveda - the oldest hymnic text in ancient Indian Vedic literature dedicated to the sun deity. Their work is not just about the creation itself, but about a spiritually transformative process or moment of super-personal connection in which one forgets one's own existence for a second. For many years they have performed with the Nepali flute master Bansuri Manose and are also accompanied by a permanent band.
This will be their second appearance at the Colours of Ostrava festival. The first time they presented themselves to the festival visitors was in 2008 in the Church of St. Wenceslas in the centre of Ostrava.


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