Bixiga 70


A Brazilian crew that will blow you away in a dance whirlwind. With this Brazilian band's concert, you will visit the centre of Sao Paulo's 12 million inhabitants, the Bixiga district. The multicultural community life here has put an ever-changing face on the ten-piece band, led by punchy brass instruments. If Brazil is synonymous with dance and immediacy, then Bixiga 70 is its best ambassador in the field of contemporary global music.

This band proves that genre really doesn't matter when listening to music. If you're expecting samba, you'll get it, but in no time at all you'll be tuning into the bouncy rhythms of ska or the heartfelt surfaces of jazz. In places, it's punctuated by rockier riffs or punk drums that blend into typical West African rhythms out of nowhere. After all, afrobeat has been entertaining these musical masters more and more lately. After all, where else to accentuate the progressive influences of African music than in Brazilian music, which literally stands on the foundations of black culture. 

We have been following the band Bixiga 70 for several years. However, we have never been able to get into their tour plans. Now we had the chance to see her again in November at the Le Guess Who music festival in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Two thousand people jumped out of their seats at the first blow of the saxophone. It's a spectacularly loud experience.

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