Wim Hof: The “Ice Man’s’’ Story and Method

Friday 15. 7.12:00-13:00

Vítkovice Gong stage

Friday 15. 7.16:45-17:50

Good Life stage

Wim Hof (NLD) Sportsman and teacher known as 'The Iceman'

Wim Hof is a living symbol of willpower and overcoming one's own limits. A strong yet kind man, hardened by cold, water and persistent training, who has helped thousands of people to physical and mental recovery. What does the success of his method lie? Why did he even immerse himself in ice water for the first time all those years ago? The legendary "Ice Man" Wim Hof will share his life story with Meltingpot viewers for the first time.


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Wim Hof: The “Ice Man’s’’ Story and Method na Colours

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