Dolní Vítkovice – unique industrial site

Get ready to be mesmerised as you enter the listed heritage site of this former ironworks, steelworks and mine.

Held at Ostrava’s Dolní Vítkovice site in the zone of a protected former ironworks, mine and steelworks, the festival offers visitors exceptional industrial beauty combined with exhilarating experiences, not to mention outdoor spaces with plenty of grassy areas and trees - perfect for summer chilling - plus loads of covered stages large and small.


The ironworks named after the owner Rudolph smelting plant were founded in Vítkovice in 1828. The Hlubina Mine, coke plant and blast furnaces formed a unique complex starting with coal mining, a milling plant, coke production right up to the manufacturing of pig iron. This complex technological process cannot be found together in one place anywhere else in Europe. The era, which spanned almost two centuries, was brought to an end with the last tapping in 1998. Over 162 years of continuous production, 90 million tons of pig iron and 42 million tons of coke were produced here and a total of 200 million tons of raw materials were consumed. Anselm Mine in Landek Park was in operation from 1835 to 1992 and as such, stands as the oldest bituminous coal mine in the Ostrava region.

With the help of the Dolni Vítkovice Association, a great many public institutions, members, partners and teammates the area is gradually being converted from a purely industrial site into a place accessible to the public. Excursions are regularly held led by experts as well as laymen allowing visitors to tour Blast Furnace No. 1, the Gong auditorium and former gas container, while the grounds also frequently host professional conferences, educational seminars, workshops not to mention cultural and social events. The 6th Energy Central Station or U6 also caters for visits by schoolchildren and their teachers featuring a number of entertaining animation programmes. In Landek Park, visitors are able to ride an original mining locomotive and travel into the underground mine just like miners did in the past.


Blast Furnace no. 1 has changed into VP1. An educational tour route following in the footsteps of pig iron production boasting a magnificent view of Ostrava and its surroundings. Note: a world unique attraction – visit
the inside of the furnace for the first time in history.

The original gas container has now been transformed into the Multi-purpose Gong Auditorium. This unusual centre of education, conferences, cultural and social activities was sensitively in-built into the gas container construction. Note: magnificent architecture.

The former 6th Energy Central Station has been converted into the so-called Small World of Technology U6. This refers to an unusual educational space and interactive museum presenting science and technology in an entertaining way. Note: Learning through play – touch, trial and error.

The oldest bituminous coal mine in Ostrava, Anselm, has been turned into Landek Park. The largest historical museum in the Czech Republic in the unique surroundings of charming Landek Hill. Note: authentic underground mining.

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