On Chesil Beach

Thursday 18. 7.18:30-20:20

LFŠ Film stage

A painful romance about unfulfilled love according to Ian McEwan's famous novel.

Drama / romance - Great Britain, 2017, 110 min., directed by: Dominic Cooke 

It is the summer of 1962, and England still has to wait for at least a year for the great social changes: Beatlemania, the sexual revolution and The Swinging Sixties. We meet the main heroes, the twenty-year-old Florence and Edward on their wedding day for the first time. The newlyweds are accommodated in an old-fashioned hotel in Dorset near Chesil Beach. When the moment of the first marital sex slowly approaches, tension escalates and embarrassment creeps into the room. The first disastrous sexual attempt is followed by a quarrel and a major conversation on the Chesil Beach...