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Bratislava native, musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer of film and theatre music.

Martin Maok Tesák started on guitar in the Bratislava alternative rock band Volvic Pič, which never recorded an official album, but came to the attention of listeners thanks to a concert of the legendary Collegium Musicum, for whom they were the opening act. Today, Martin has been performing under the stage name Maok for more than 15 years, creating improvised music with ethnic and experimental elements that casually brings people together in the Světlolet' community and invites them to relax or slowly undulate. 

He has released 20 albums on bandcamp and some of his best known tracks include I am your soul, Song of the Earth, Teraz to Prezivaj. Maok composed the music for the film Báthory by Juraj Jakubisko and his work has also complemented the films of naturalist Tomáš Hulík and traveller Pavel Barabáš, namely Premeny Tatier, Tatry zamrznuté v čase, Bhután and Ticho nad oblakmi. His strong and gentle voice together with his gentle guitar playing will take you back to times long past, into a trance. He composes music for theatre and dance productions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and also performs independently.

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