Estas Tonne

Thursday 20. 7.14:30-16:30

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A guitarist whose true identity is said to be unrelated to nationality. During his life he has lived in many countries and visited dozens of them. In his own words, he does not compose his music, he lives it. He evokes a sound stream that emphasizes meditative atmosphere rather than form.

Estas's instrumental compositions, in which there is no need to express anything in words because everyone hears what he feels and needs, last for hours without a break. His fingerpicking-based guitar playing harmoniously absorbed classical, flamenco, Latin, gypsy styles or elements of subtle electronics. He improvisationally subordinates his music to the place where he plays, and the moods and reactions of the audience become a source of creative thinking for him. It doesn't matter if he performs at concerts, festivals, conferences, on the street or practicing yoga.

He has released many studio and live albums. In 2015, after meeting Olga and Andrei Andreev of Paganel Studio, together they made a meditative film, Internal Flight, including footage from many corners of the planet.

"Music is not a career for me, it's a life. When I started playing on the streets, I was just living my life and that's what I've been doing to this day. Life contains everything: pain and healing, sorrow and joy. Between these poles is a great guide that holds everything together and is in all of us; just feel it," Estas Tonne described his musical intention.

Band: Conrado Molina (percussion), Bernd Bechtloff (drums & percussion), Tatjana Branoff (voice).

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