Theatre performances now on 3 stages

Announcing new artists

In addition to the traditional Vítkovice Gong stage, this year there is also the Europe stage and the New York stage for theatre lovers.

One of the big theatre events will be the production Marta, which is the project of the creative team of writer and producer Daniela Sodomová and director Adela Laštovková Stodolová. Actress and singer Hana Holišová won the Thalia Award for her leading role in the recital inspired by Marta Kubišová's story. The alternate Berenika Kohoutová is equally famous.

The Legend of Lunetic, produced by Prague's NoD theatre and directed by Janek Lesák, offers a humorous documentary theatre probe into childhood and adolescence in the 1990s, in which one of the legends of that era, the band Lunetic, comes to life. A notable performance is Kmeny 2.0 by Dan Bárta, Ondřej Havlík alias En.Dru and Jen Hovorka. This trio forms a unique musical component of the production, which is improvised by artists from Losers Cirque Company. The programme also includes a unique experiment called 5:59 on stage, in which podcast pioneer Lenka Kabrhelová combines this genre with animation, illustrations and live music. Miss AmeriKa, performed by the leader of Czech movement theatre Miřenka Čechová, has created a unique production about NY. Radim Vizváry performs his phenomenal pantomime performance in Solo, for which he won a Thalia. Successful theatre companies Vosto5 (Stanďardní kabaret), Husa na provázku (Pravidla bincárny), Ztracená existence (Dentální rapsodie) and others will also perform.

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