The successful Cacao stage will embrace you again at Colours of Ostrava in summer 2024!

Announcing new artists 12/22/2023

Unique space full of free movement and heavenly thoughts will offer its own microcosm inside the festival. Express yourself to the fullest during aesthetic dance music sets and explore your heart and mind while listening to carefully selected musicians from around the world.

Amazing songwriters Nick Barbachano, Alexia Chellun, Ajeet, Nessi Gomes, Alex Serra, Maok, Space Drummer & Friends, Sara Curruchich, Gemiko, Patrik Kee, Mushina, Vojta Violinist & Myrith and Sauljaljui as well as DJ MAM and Mig Melgar will bring everyone present together into one big community. Whether they find inspiration in the Amazon rainforest or on the shores of the endless ocean, they will be at home in the present moment at Europe's most colourful festival. Stop by for a daily cacao ritual, discover new artists, or sing and dance the days away.

You can listen to the new Cacao Stage 2024 playlist with a selection of the best tracks from the published artists here.