Take your credit cards with you, leave your cash at home!

Organisation 5/19/2023

We have a major news for you: this year's Colours of Ostrava will be completely cashless! You will only be able to pay at the festival with the usual payment cards (VISA, Mastercard,...), phones or watches. That is, as you are used to elsewhere in shops, restaurants or services.

We won't accept cash anywhere - whether it's at a booth selling drinks, food, merchandise or services like a depository. We understand this is a big change, but we hope you will appreciate it as much as visitors at many other events. Experience from festivals abroad tells us that card payments will make for a faster and more convenient service. Just beep, go and drink... beep, go and eat :-) And you also won't have to watch the cash you just have on you. Whether you have enough for this or that and whether you don't have to run to the ATM right now.

We will accept all major types and types of credit cards (debit, credit - VISA, Mastercard...), all points of sale will be equipped with payment terminals. And the system will work in any situation, we guarantee it. And if you are satisfied, you will be able to tip the operator without any problems.

In addition, Česká spořitelna clients who also have a VISA card will get 5% of every purchase at the festival back into their account.

Attention, we want to reassure you - this is NOT a cashless system that you may know from other festivals - a chip on your hand, on which you would have to upload funds and keep track of how much you have left. In our case, you will pay with your own card or phone as you would at any other shop outside the festival. You won't have to upload your money anywhere before or during the festival, nor will you have to ask for a refund after the festival.

And if you don't have a credit card or don't want to bring one to the festival, we have a solution for you too: we will have loaded cards with the following values at the merchandising stand near the main festival gate: 500 CZK, 1,000 CZK, 2,000 CZK and 3,000 CZK. These are preloaded payment cards in cooperation with Sodexo. The card is disposable and cannot be recharged.

So: this year - take your cards with you!


The chip that is part of the wristband ID will also be a payment chip?

  • No, you can pay at the festival with your normal credit card, we will not use the identification chip on the festival wristband to pay on the festival grounds. So there will be no need to charge anything in advance or during the festival, just come to the festival with your credit card, phone or wristband that you use in the shops.

What types of credit cards will you accept?

  • Debit and credit, all major card types - Mastercard, VISA, ....

What if I don't have a credit card or don't want to take one to the festival?

  • In the merchandising stand in the area near the main festival gate we will have loaded cards with the value of: 500 CZK, 1,000 CZK, 2,000 CZK and 3,000 CZK. These are preloaded payment cards in cooperation with Sodexo.
  • And you won't have to return the card, of course. You can find out your card balance on the Sodexo web portal or by calling the Sodexo Benefits customer line, where a voice machine will tell the cardholder the current balance after entering the card number. In addition, you can download the Sodexo app to keep track of your card balance. 

Will there be any exceptions where cash will be accepted?

  • No, you will be able and required to use your card to pay at all points of sale on the festival grounds - from the beer tents, to the food and merchandise stands, to the locker room. In the campsite it will then be possible to pay by card or cash.

Will I be able to tip the staff?

  • Yes, of course, we are thinking about this, and it will be possible.

Will cancellation and refund be possible in case of operator or customer error?

  • Yes, this will be possible at every point of sale.