New York stage is coming back!

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A comfortable chapitó with an intimate atmosphere, table arrangements, seating capacity of 400 and the possibility of booking - this is the new New York stage. It will offer, for example, a concert by jazz artist for the hip-hop generation and icon of the NY club scene José James, a magic show by the duo Sigfried & Joy or stand-ups. The program will be partly directed by the BUMBUM Comedy Club's Štěpán Kozub, who will curate 4 evening shows full of humor and stand-up.

The concept of this year's New York stage will be a continuation of the popular stage from 2010 and 2011 in the Černá louka area. "We're trying to bring intense and intimate experiences back to Colours, which is one of the things we want to differentiate ourselves from other festivals. And when we were looking for a suitable form to achieve this more personal atmosphere, the legendary New York stage was an obvious choice for us. We are partly building on the original concept, but at the same time we are developing it in a way that fits in with our current direction," explains Zlata Holušová.  

The New York stage will feature José James, a jazz artist for the hip-hop generation and an icon of the NY club scene. Another face is Cédric Hanriot, co-creator of the Grammy-winning album Beautiful Life. Electronic music visionary James Blake will play a special DJ set. The duo Siegfried & Joy, famous for their innovative performances combining tricks with storytelling, entertainment and art, will perform magic. Nikola Džokič, the foursome Jakub Zitron Ťapák, Jakub Gulík, Ivan Kostra and Matej Makovický, Jaroslav Cerman and the Dirty combo: Velmajster & Fučo will also take the stage.

The new New York stage was made possible with the support of the US Embassy in the Czech Republic, to whom we would like to thank very much.

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