Dress up in Colours. Festival merch is here!


Colours of Ostrava comes with an official collection of clothing and accessories for this year. You can wear your favourite festival not only in your heart, but also on your t-shirt, bag or socks.

The Colours of Ostrava festival is not only about music. It is about creativity, lifestyle, expression and sharing. And this is exactly what we have tried to embody in the new merchandise that has been adorning our e-shop since today. 

The 2024 festival merch includes:

  • Women's and men's T-shirts in three colour options
  • Children's T-shirt in two colour variants
  • Unisex sweatshirt in two colours
  • Back bag
  • Cape
  • Socks in three colours
  • T-shirt
  • Magnet
  • Lanyard
  • Cap
  • Pencil

Kantors Creative Club studio is behind the theme and graphic design of the collection. In addition to products in the main Colours of Ostrava design, you can also choose from the visual style of the Meltingpot discussion forum or Colours without barriers.

Get your Colours of Ostrava 2024 merch right now on our e-shop.

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