Coronavirus and the festival - read our answers

Organisation 3/27/2020

Personal message from our director Zlata Holušová. Answers to all major questions related to the Covid situation.

Dearest friends,

these are challenging times that make us think even more about each and every single one of you in our great community. May you stay safe, healthy and optimistic and do not let the virus overcome you with fear. We will defeat it, sooner or later, by being active, by holding positive mindsets and holding together, helping and appreciating each other and, naturally, respecting the necessary hygienic regulations. My thoughts are with all the doctors and nurses, the paramedics, the police and everyone on the frontline. They have my deepest respect and countless thanks! 

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for one another, let’s stay fit because that is what matters most now. I firmly believe that with all the measures taken and our respect for them and with the return of the sunny days the situation will eventually get under control.

I wish to express my thankfulness to all of you, our fans, our partners and colleagues, as well as my festival team. 

Your Zlata

Find below our answers to all major questions related to the Covid situation and Colours​:

Will Colours of Ostrava happen in July 2020?

The situation keeps changing every minute and no one can tell what it will be like in four months’ time. Even though things are impossible to predict, we still have hope. On the other hand, it is impossible to promise anything related to July of this year. 

We keep working hard to make the festival happen. We will not give in and will keep doing our best until the last moment to make it possible for you to live all the great concerts that we have announced. We’re in touch with band managers around the world and our suppliers, the whole team keeps meeting online, scrutinising the course of events in our country and abroad. So far, most of the biggest European festivals haven’t cancelled and have decided to yet postpone the decision.  

However, if the course of actions shifts and makes it undesirable or impossible for the major festivals to happen, this will have a significant impact on the music scene as such, including the tours of individual bands and artists. The consequences for Colours will then be inevitable. The pandemics and the reactions of European countries are the main decision makers now. 

What matters most to us is your health and safety and therefore we would like to ask you for a little patience still. These days it is too soon for us to be able to reach a final conclusion on whether we will or not meet this summer. 

Be sure we will share it with you as soon as we ourselves know for sure.

When can you expect the decision on whether the festival will be held?

We can’t say for sure now but we definitely want to reach the conclusion by May 1st. The crucial variables currently are the decisions of the government related to large-scale events and the reopening of the borders.

Should Colours of Ostrava not take place this year, what are your plans? 

In such case the most viable option for us currently seems to be postponing the festival to July 2021. 

Would the line-up then remain unchanged?

We would do our best to keep it so but we can hardly guarantee that now. All would depend on future negotiations with artist, agents and the international situation at large.

Would you encourage us to buy tickets for Colours 2020 under the current situation? 

The decision is definitely yours to be made. We can only say that we would immensely appreciate it as an act of support from your part. 

If the festival is postponed to 2021 how will you deal with the tickets? 

In such case we would share with you clear instructions right away. Without going into details, we want to make it clear that all tickets would remain valid for 2021 and we would be grateful if you kept them as a gesture of support to our festival. Naturally, full refunds will be offered should you decide not to roll your ticket over to the next year.

Is there anything we can do to support the festival?

If we are forced to postpone the festival we will be very grateful If you decide to roll over your ticket to the next year as an expression of solidarity. We are also currently working on a new merchandise collection to be disclosed soon and will be happy if you support us with your purchase. 

Are you insured against cancellation due to pandemics?

Unfortunately, no such insurance is currently available in Europe and financial implications are unavoidable if we are forced to postpone the festival.

Have any artists already cancelled their appearance at Colours?

Not yet but we presume that all of them follow the updates on the situation from their governments and international health organisations and will eventually have to respect all measures taken. The situation is hard for musicians now as it is for anyone else. From what we know, we can assure you that they are doing their best to satisfy both the festivals and their fans.