Burna Boy cancels concert at Colours of Ostrava due to a jet malfunction

Words fail us, we have never faced a situation like this: Burna Boy has cancelled his appearance just a few minutes ago due to a malfunction on his private jet.

Burna Boy's band, the dancers and the whole team of his are ready to perform in our backstage. We have tried to reschedule the concert to a later time but it turned out to be unfeasible, despite the best efforts of the singer's team.

Be sure that this is a pill is equally hard to swallow for us as it is for you. Please read the announcement of Burna Boy’s management: "Due to an engine failure on the plane taking him to Ostrava, Burna Boy is unfortunately unable to be  at Colours of Ostrava. Fortunately, he is safe & hopes to return to perform for his Czech fans at the soonest opportunity.”

We are deeply sorry, the 2023 festival seems to be an unlucky one. Sadly, we have to reschedule as follows: Trad.Attack!: 23.30 - 0.30, Orlen Drive stage. Danger: 0.45 - 2.00, Česká spořitelna stage.


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