An eleven-metre pier and an intimate tent. What do the stages at Colours of Ostrava offer?

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Take a tour of the individual festival stages with us and take a look under the hood of their dramaturgy, production and technical background. At Colours of Ostrava, it is generally true that the visitor does not know where to go first and what to listen to first. We will make this situation a little easier for you and outline what you can expect from each stage.

Česká spořitelna stage - main stage with extraordinary musical experiences

The Česká spořitelna stage is the main stage of the festival with a capacity of up to 40,000 people. It is our central venue for the world's most spectacular shows. We make sure that you can choose how to enjoy your expected headliners. Thanks to the 11-metre high pier, you can enjoy the concerts from a few metres away or from a distance in the comfort of plenty of personal space, without missing out on the perfect sound or visual experience. 

This year, you can look forward to a spectacular show by romantic rebels Sam Smith, a 60-strong ensemble, or American rockers Queens of The Stone Age. Other headliners include the master of contemporary electronic music James Blake or timeless music legend Lenny Kravitz. Other stars on the Česká spořitelna Stage include Texas sensation Khruangbin, the ethereal Bat For Lashes, the legendary Sean Paul or Nordic pop diva Zara Larsson. You can also look forward to Gogol Bordello, Infected Mushroom in combination with a live drum show, Sevdaliza or Son Mieux. Czech and Slovak performers will include D.Y.K., Mig21, Lenny and Malalata.

T-Mobile stage - intensive production with huge facilities

The second largest stage of the festival, which, despite its impressive width of twenty metres, offers a very interactive experience. The tree-lined audience area creates a cauldron that will give full play to the more adventurous acts in this year's eclectic line-up. And when it comes to choral singing or clapping, the collective voice of the crowd carries so that a thrilling chill runs through your body.

We have to admit, we're thrilled to have the King of the Blues, Gary Clark Jr. performing at our venue this year. However, there are several gems to enjoy: whether it's the founders of contemporary electronica, Tangerine Dream, their successors or the greatest Australian show of our time.

Names such as Ummet Ozcan, Dennis Lloyd, Genesis Owusu and Onipa will be on the bill. Also performing will be DJ duo Sofi Tukker, Polish sensation Kwiat Jabłoni and Bixiga70. Czech performers will include the Hanseatic boys Tata Bojs, the cult Brothers Eben, Jordan Haj & Emma Smetana and the Slovak star ADONXS.

ORLEN Drive stage - the purest soul of Colours of Ostrava

The iconic dome-shaped stage provides the backdrop for the festival's most colourful scene. Musical discoveries from all over the world experience their premiere performances here in front of an audience of thousands. Those who don't stop at the "Drajvku" cannot understand the true soul of Colours of Ostrava. Experience musical touches from all over the world: from the streets of remote villages to the underground of the big city.

We have travelled the world to put together the ORLEN Drive stage programme, and this year alone you will find musicians from 13 countries - travel with us to Reunion, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Taiwan or even Iceland.

You can look forward to the deep and straightforward singer-songwriter Alexia Chellun, the English acoustic musician Sam Garrett or the remarkable multicultural group Avalanche Kaito, which best describes the name of the musical genre "griot punk noise". Also performing will be the ethereal Emilíana Torrini, who graced Colours with her visit back in 2014. 

Furthermore, on the ORLEN Drive stage you can look forward to the performance of Aita Mon Amour: Widad Mjama in a featuring with Khalil Epi, Sauljaljui, Mouvman Alé, Dumai Dunai, Enkelé or Czech The Silver Spoons.

Fresh stage - stage under the iconic tower

The industrial scene at the base of the iconic Bolt tower oozes youthful energy. Rising stars of the music scene by day, a dance floor for electronic music lovers by night. The predatory "fresh sound" is the link between all the selected bands, who are thus exploring the boundaries of completely new genres. 

What's more, look for the story behind each musician - in this year's programme you will discover the continuation of Native American traditions, bands that are preparing a concert experience for disabled audiences, or the fresh sounds of the vibrant Asian scene.

On this stag, you'll dance to French electronic musicians calling themselves NTO, German dance-electronic project Klangphonics, pop-tinged ClockClock or Asian innovator Yogetsu Akasaka, with his image as a Buddhist monk who has taken the path of beatbox looping combined with mantras. Not to be left out are also Murdo Mitchell, K!ngdom, The Caracal Project and the band Kawala, and last but not least Symbio and Mitsune.

You can also look forward to the Nobody Listen project with Annet X and guests, CUT_, The Anahit, Anyma, NuMori, DJ MAM, Miss Monique and the bands Brothers and Lake Malawi.

Vítkovice Gong stage - incredible atmosphere in the former gasworks

A sanctuary in the middle of a stormy festival sea. The former gas chamber converted into a concert hall offers almost 1500 seats. A space for maximum concentration and a perfect experience is a rather unique thing among festivals in Europe. Sit back and enjoy exclusive theatre performances, lectures by world-class speakers and intimate concerts that get under your skin. 

Reserved seats are available for this venue - these allow you to arrive at your seat up to 15 minutes before the start time without waiting in line. Find them at However, if you decide at the last minute, don't despair - be sure to try your luck if capacity isn't booked, you'll get in!

Here you can look forward not only to lectures in the Meltingpot Inspiration Forum with speakers from across disciplines or music concerts with a unique atmosphere, but above all to theatre performances. This year, The Legend of Lunetic, Marta, Kmeny or 5.59 will be among those. 

FullMoon stage - musical fusion for real connoisseurs

The scene created by the team of Full Moon magazine is a place for the biggest music connoisseurs. For the tenth time, it will stretch its range from euphoric pop to psychedelia, rap, African electronica, to edgy post-punk. Nineteen names, nineteen distinctive approaches. In addition to foreign premieres, you will also get acquainted with the most progressive Czech music, which is definitely not behind the world.

"We try to create the dramaturgy of the stage as a varied, colourful and balanced mosaic, each piece has an integral place. Every year we move forward in this respect in some way, and this year's edition is, for me, absolutely complete and truly exclusive," said Michal Pařízek, editor-in-chief of Full Moon magazine, about the FullMoon stage. 

You can look forward to Anna Veverkova, Arleta, Aunty Rayzor, Berlin Manson, Drť, Dusan Vlk, Freekind, Something Something and the cult The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa. 

NYC stage - the legendary stage from Black Meadow returns

The return of a legend. This is also the title of the resurrection of the scene that amazed visitors more than ten years ago at Černá louka. It is a 400-person capacity chapitó with a wooden floor and seating at tables to faithfully evoke the atmosphere of a vibrant American megapolis club that will draw you into a world of neon, popcorn, and, most importantly, polished cultural experiences. Enjoy a little luxury and elegance.

New York City Stage's multi-genre and multicultural program will be interwoven with concerts by contemporary jazz acts, inspiring lectures by speakers from around the world, magicians who have conquered Las Vegas, stand-ups by BUM BUM Comedy Club's Štepan Kozub, and two select theatrical performances. Among these, we can highlight, for example, Solo, in which Radim Vizváry excels, or Miss AmeriKa. There will also be selected lectures of the Meltingpot Forum.

Cacao stage - the ideal place if you want to think but also "just chill"

Unique corners full of free movement and heavenly thoughts will offer their own microcosm inside the festival. Express yourself to the fullest during ecstatic dance music sets and explore your heart and mind as you listen to carefully selected musicians from around the world and let your voice shine through.  

For the second year, the scene of tolerance and respect for others will feature stars of their community whose concerts are often hopelessly full. Plus, enjoy the concentrated energy of real cacao with live music every day during the popular cacao ritual. Become nomads in your mind and body. Here you will get lost and find yourself again!

Rec. Busking stage - a real opportunity for up-and-coming artists

Over a thousand registered bands, but only less than two dozen program slots. Anyone can apply, but only the best of the best will make it through. Support bands early in their careers and discover the future stars of the local scene before anyone else. For many, this will be their first time performing at an international festival, and trust that they will leave their whole heart in their concerts here.

This year, for the first time, we have also opened the stage to international bands. Czech performers will get a mirror of the world competition directly on this talent stage.

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