19th edition of Colours of Ostrava postponed to 2022

Organisation 3/31/2021

Dearest friends, we are very sorry but with the covid-19 situation not getting better we have to postpone the 19th edition of Colours of Ostrava festival to the following summer, July 13 - 16, 2022 to be exact (Wednesday - Saturday it is again).

We had faith throughout the whole challenging year. Together with our colleagues at other big events in the Czech Republic and around Europe, we have been working on health measures that would allow us to organise large-scale cultural events in the summer. To organise an event as big as ours is not a matter of a few months, though, and we have now reached the point when the decision can no longer be put off. Sadly, the pandemic circumstances and the insecurity and impossibility of any planning for the summer in terms of covid-19 related measures leaves us with no choice but postpone the festival once again.

We’ve been through a year with covid-19, a year of priceless experience. A year that has shaken everything we had believed to be unshakeable. A year that has nearly erased live music and arts from our lives and had major impact on the health and lives of countless people, challenging their longstanding businesses. A year of unprecedented trials for doctors, nurses and paramedics as well as students of all ages and their parents. A year we would have hardly survived had it not been for you, our fans and our partners. 

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

And now the moment comes for us to once again ask you a favour - do keep your 2020 or 2021 ticket for the next year. Whether stored in your laptop or pinned to your wall, we believe that the ticket kept will be one of the lights at the end of the tunnel. A metaphor of hope that once again we shall unite in a musical moment of conviviality, overcoming the times of darkness. 

We fully understand that many of you have found yourself in a difficult situation of financial or other nature and will be forced to ask for a refund. Should this be your case please do contact us at informace@colours.cz from April 7 till June 30, 2021: we will do our best to handle your case individually as soon as we can.

These days see us busy rescheduling as many foreign bands and artists to the next summer, including the headliners. We will be back shortly with more news - good news, hopefully. 

We are very much aware that it’s been such a long time no see. We do hope, though, that you will keep it up for us for yet another year. And we do hope the 2022 reunion will be all the more extraordinary. 

We most sincerely thank you for all the kind support. Stay safe. Live music and culture will survive!

Zlata Holušová
director of Colours of Ostrava